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Complex (Liquid Mixed) Heat PVC Stabilizers


ARCENAL GRUPP is the largest manufacturer of highly efficient complex stabilizers, which ensure the stability of PVC compositions. When PVC is recycled, it needs to be stabilized to prevent decomposition resulting from the removal of the hydrogen chloride it contains. Stabilizers help to increase productivity, resistance to UV light, thermal aging, and thus the end products are more durable and retain their appearance. They are almost always supplied as application-specific mixtures and their main components are metal soaps, metal salts and organometallic compounds.

Complex mixed heat PVC stabilizers

Complex stabilizers optimize PVC processing

Complex stabilizers required for PVC processing are single component systems available in liquid form, ARCENAL GRUPP produces liquid stabilizers for a wide range of applications, including PVC slurry and various plastisols.


Metal soap stabilizers

Metal soaps are used in non-toxic compounds

Metal soap stabilizers based on calcium, zinc, barium and other metals act as acid absorbers and are used in non-toxic compounds.

We produce complex stabilizers in various forms, from liquid to granule.

Trade Mark Metall Form Used Dosage


1 ArStab CZ-125 Ca-Zn Liquid PVC foam, wallpaper, linoleum, artificial leather 0,8-3,0
2 ArStab CZ-150 Ca-Zn Liquid
3 ArStab CZ-151 Ca-Zn Liquid
4 ArStab CZ-152 Ca-Zn Liquid
5 ArStab CZ-153 Ca-Zn Liquid
6 ArStab CZ-315 Ca-Zn Liquid Wallpapers, linoleum, artificial leather, film, geotextile coating.. 0,7-3,1
7 ArStab CZ-381 Ca-Zn Liquid
8 ArStab CZ-383 Ca-Zn Liquid
9 ArStab CZ-815 Ca-Zn Liquid
10 ArStab CZ-385 Ca-Zn Liquid Wallpapers, linoleum, artificial leather, film, PVC foam
11 ArStab CZ-320 Ca-Zn Liquid PVC foam, aqua mats, yoga mats, baby mats
12 ArStab BCzZ-807 Ba-Zn Liquid Floor coverings, artificial leather, awning fabric, geotextile coverings 0,8-2,8
13 ArStab BCzZ-809 Ba-Zn Liquid
14 ArStab BCzZ-811 Ba-Zn Liquid
15 ArStab CZ-100 Ca-Zn Powder Cable compound, shoe compound 2,0-3,5
16 ArStab BKS-317K Pb Powder
17 ArStab BCZ-751 Ba-Zn Liquid PVC hoses, PVC pipes, plastic compound, awning fabric
18 ArStab BCzZ-853 Ba-Zn Liquid
19 ArStab БКС-317 Pb Powder Window sills, lining, panels, siding
20 TBLS (ТОСС) Pb Powder


For a more accurate selection of a complex stabilizer, it is necessary to take into account the following:
-Temperature of the process;
-resistance to heat;
-Time of passage of the process;
– Impact on the mixture;
– Color fastness;
– Volatility.


  • Store in a tightly closed container with a plastic liner.
  • Store in a dry environment
  • Keep away from fire.
  • Protective equipment and first aid generally accepted in the industry.

The company provides technical support for manufactured products purchased both directly from ARSENAL GRUPP and through our dealer network. Our experts are ready to provide detailed information about the products, give advice, provide advertising and laboratory samples. We can make adjustments to the formulations of manufactured products to meet the requirements of consumers, jointly work out the methodology for their application.