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Trade Mark Form Used Dosage TDS
1 ArStab-ArdoS-04D Liquid  Wallpaper, artificial leather, floor coverings, foamed PVC, geotextile fabric, awning fabric and various types of plastisols. 0,5-2,0
2 ArStab-ArdoS-042D Liquid

    To improve the wetting and dispersion of pigments, we offer the product ArStab-ArdoS-04D.
   The presence of ArStab-ArdoS-04D at the dispersion stage reduces the time of the process, as well as reduce the adsorption of the pigment particles of the primary plasticizers (DOP, DINP, DOA or DOTP), which leads to an increase in the viscosity of plastisols. ArStab-Ardos-04D acts, firstly, as a dispersant, secondly, as a substance deactivating the surface of pigments due to adsorption, and thirdly, as a substance with synergistic effect with the main stabilizer of PVC materials (reduction of energy for activation of hydroperoxide decomposition).

Appearance at 20 ° C Homogeneous viscous liquid without sediment and impurities from pale yellow to light brown in color. Opalescence is allowed.
Mass fraction of volatiles,%, no more 9,0
The density of the stabilizer, g/cm3at a temperature of 20 ° C, within 0,850-1,025
ArStab-ArdoS-04D Dispersion of pigments, microns, after dispersion during, min
10 20 30 60
70 45 25 10

   Comparative tests for dispersion time in the production of pigment and filler suspensions in the plasticizer without the use of a dispersant and the use of ArStab-Ardos-04D and soya lecithin as dispersants showed the following results:

  • Dispersibility of pigments in the initial period of time (15-20 min.) is almost the same for all systems and depends, in our opinion, on the dispersing equipment, and then the role of surface-active substances is visible;
  • ArStab-Ardos-04D pigmentary paste reaches a degree of dispersion of 25 microns in 30 minutes from the beginning of dispersion, and with lecithin – in 40-50 minutes. Without a dispersant, the dispersion time of the suspension up to 25 µm was 65-70 min;
  • Application of ArStab-Ardos-04D in the amount of 0.5-0.6 d.h. per 100 d.h. of pigmentary part allows reducing dispersion time by 30-50%;
  • Synergism of ArStab-Ardos-04D action with the main stabilizer is confirmed by the increase of plastisol thermal stability time obtained using ArStab-Ardos-04D at the dispersion stage.

1. Grinds pigments such as CaCO3 , TiO2 , pigment paints;
2. Allows more uniform distribution of particles in the paste;
3. By grinding the particles, it helps to improve the reflective surface;
4. A more saturated color, due to which you can reduce the paint consumption rate;
5. Helps reduce the viscosity of plastisols and serves as a deaerator.


Consumption rate is 1-3 w.p. for 100 w.p. PVC.


  • Store in a tightly closed container with a plastic liner.
  • Store in a dry environment
  • Keep away from fire.
  • Protective equipment and first aid generally accepted in the industry.

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