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ARSENAL GRUPP produces various modifiers for various industries.

Trade mark Form Used Dosage TDS
1 Ardo-M Liquid PVC pipes, dumplings, shoe plasticates, PVC hoses. 2,0-4,0
2 Ardo-371M Liquid PVC pipes, oilcloth, shoe compound, hoses, panels, lining, cable compound, window profile, PVC film, siding, PVC tiles. 0,5-4,5
3 Ardo-551M Liquid
4 Ardo-751M Liquid
5 Ardo-821M Liquid
6 Ardo-917M Powder
7 Ardo-2710M Powder HDPE, HDPE, HDPE, PP films. 0,02-1,5
8 Ardo-2730M Powder PVC, HDPE, PP films.
9 Ardo-3560M Liquid Food wrap, PVC films. 2,0-5,0
10 Ardo-3561M Liquid Machine oils, industrial oils. 10-40
11 Ardo-3560M-1 Liquid Textile industry. 20-60
12 Ardo-3561M-1 Liquid Geotextile industry. 2,0-6,0
13 Ardo-3580M Liquid PE and PP products. 5-10
14 Ardo-3562M Liquid Wallpaper, artificial leather, floor coverings, foamed PVC, geotextile fabric, awning fabric and various types of plastisols. 1,5-2,0
15 ArStab-1750 Liquid 2,0-8,0
16 Ardo-1730 Liquid 1,0-3,0
17 Ardo-1730-1 Liquid
18 Ardo-1730-021 Liquid


  • Store in a tightly closed container with a plastic liner.
  • Store in a dry environment
  • Keep away from fire.
  • Protective equipment and first aid generally accepted in the industry.

The company provides technical support for the products, which were purchased directly from Arsenal Grupp. and through the network of our dealers. Our experts are ready to give the detailed information on products, to give consultation, to give advertising and laboratory samples. We can spend updating of compoundings of let out products under requirements of consumers, together to develop a technique of their application.

Epoxy soybean oil analogue of BAEROSTAB LSA, EDENOL, ALPEX, HOSTAVIN H-800, DRAPEX 39, ESBO, ESO.