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Trade Mark Metall Form Used Dosage


1 ArStab CZ-125 Ca-Zn Liquid PVC foam, wallpaper, linoleum, artificial leather 0,8-3,0
2 ArStab CZ-150 Ca-Zn Liquid
3 ArStab CZ-151 Ca-Zn Liquid
4 ArStab CZ-152 Ca-Zn Liquid
5 ArStab CZ-153 Ca-Zn Liquid
6 ArStab CZ-315 Ca-Zn Liquid Обои, линолеум, искусственная кожа, пленка, геотекстильное покрытие. 0,7-3,1
7 ArStab CZ-381 Ca-Zn Liquid
8 ArStab CZ-383 Ca-Zn Liquid
9 ArStab CZ-815 Ca-Zn Liquid
10 ArStab CZ-385 Ca-Zn Liquid Wallpaper, linoleum, artificial leather, film, PVC foam
11 ArStab CZ-320 Ca-Zn Liquid PVC foam, aqua mats, yoga mats, baby mats
12 ArStab BCzZ-807 Ba-Zn Liquid Floor coverings, artificial leather, awning fabric, geotextile coverings 0,8-2,8
13 ArStab BCzZ-809 Ba-Zn Liquid
14 ArStab BCzZ-811 Ba-Zn Liquid
15 ArStab CZ-100 Ca-Zn Powder Cable compound, shoe compound 2,0-3,5
16 ArStab BKS-317K Pb Powder
17 ArStab BCZ-751 Ba-Zn Liquid PVC hoses, PVC pipes, plastic compound, awning fabric
18 ArStab BCzZ-853 Ba-Zn Liquid
19 ArStab BKS-317 Pb Powder Window sills, lining, panels, siding
20 TBLS (ТОСС) Pb Powder


Trade mark Form Used Dosage TDS
1 Ardo-M Liquid PVC pipes, dumplings, shoe plasticates, PVC hoses. 2,0-4,0
2 Ardo-371M Liquid PVC pipes, oilcloth, shoe compound, hoses, panels, lining, cable compound, window profile, PVC film, siding, PVC tiles. 0,5-4,5
3 Ardo-551M Liquid
4 Ardo-751M Liquid
5 Ardo-821M Liquid
6 Ardo-917M Powder
7 Ardo-2710M Powder HDPE, HDPE, HDPE, PP films. 0,02-1,5
8 Ardo-2730M Powder PVC, HDPE, PP films.
9 Ardo-3560M Liquid Food wrap, PVC films. 2,0-5,0
10 Ardo-3561M Liquid Machine oils, industrial oils. 10-40
11 Ardo-3560M-1 Liquid Textile industry. 20-60
12 Ardo-3561M-1 Liquid Geotextile industry. 2,0-6,0
13 Ardo-3580M Liquid PE and PP products. 5-10
14 Ardo-3562M Liquid Wallpaper, artificial leather, floor coverings, foamed PVC, geotextile fabric, awning fabric and various types of plastisols. 1,5-2,0
15 ArStab-1750 Liquid 2,0-8,0
16 Ardo-1730 Liquid 1,0-3,0
17 Ardo-1730-1 Liquid
18 Ardo-1730-021 Liquid


Trade Mark Form Used Dosage TDS
1 ArStab-ArdoS-04D Liquid  Wallpaper, artificial leather, floor coverings, foamed PVC, geotextile fabric, awning fabric and various types of plastisols. 0,5-2,0
2 ArStab-ArdoS-042D Liquid
3 ArdoS-04 Liquid Paintwork materials 0,5-0,7


Trade Mark Form Used Dosage TDS
1 ArStab-1701 m.A Liquid PVC pipes, oilcloth, shoe plastic compound, hoses, panels, lining, cable plastic compound, window profile, PVC film, siding, PVC tiles, PVC corrugated pipes, artificial leather, plasitzoli, gloves, linoleum. 2,0-8,0
2 ArStab-1701 m.B Liquid
3 ArStab-1701 m.C Liquid
4 ArStab-1701-1 m.A Liquid
5 ArStab-1701-2 m.B Liquid
6 ArStab-1702 m.A Liquid It is used in similar products as regular epoxidized soybean oil and the main purpose, where the requirements are higher, such as medical products, due to antioxidant properties.
7 ArStab-1702 m.B Liquid
8 ArStab-1702-1 m.A Liquid
9 ArStab-1702-1 m.B Liquid


Trade Mark The metal content in the drier,% (weight) The optimal number of desiccants,% (by weight) for alkyd varnishes TDS
1 PoliAr-1.2 Со-1,5; Mn-1,0 1,7-2,1
2 PoliAr-1.2-2 Со-1,0; Mn-2,8 1,7-2,1
3 PoliAr-1.5 Со-1,5; Ва-1,0 1,9-2,5
4 PoliAr-1.2.3 Со-1,0; Mn-2,0; Zn-3,0 2,1 – 2,8
5 PoliAr-1.2.4 Со-1,5; Mn-0,5; Са-0,5 1,9-2,1
6 PoliAr-1.2.4-1 Со-1,0; Мn-2,0; Са-0,5 1,9-2,8
7 PoliAr-1.4.5 Со-1,0; Са-0,5; Ва-0,65 2,1-2,8
8 PoliAr-1.4 Со-1,5; Са-1,0 1,7-2,1
9 PoliAr-1.2.5 Со-1,0; Мn-2,5; Ва-4,0 1,9-2,8


Trade Mark Metall Metal concentration in the exhaust form of driers, % Used  TDS
mark A mark B
1 ArdoS-01 Co 0,5-4,9 5,0-12,0 Independently and with other desiccants to accelerate the drying of coatings and create a relief structure of the film surface.
2 ArdoS-02 Mn 3,0-5,9 6,0-9,0 Highly active oxidative polymerization catalyst, providing curing in the depth of the layer. It is used in combination with salts of cobalt, zinc, zirconium.
3 ArdoS-03 Zn 3,0 – 5,5 6,0-10,0 To improve the wetting and grinding of pigments, improve the spill of paints and varnishes.
4 ArdoS-04 Ca 3,0-5,9 6,0-9,0 To stabilize driers, improve wetting and dispersion of pigment pastes.
5 ArdoS-05 Ba 3,0-6,9 7,0-12,0 For paints and varnishes, in which the use of lead compounds is not permissible, in combination with cobalt, manganese, calcium.
6 ArdoS-06 Pb 10,0-19,9 20,0-30,0 For paints and varnishes based on alkyd and modified varnishes to accelerate drying in combination with cobalt and manganese.
7 ArdoS-07 Zr 3,5-6,5 7,0-18,0 For paints and varnishes, in which the use of lead compounds is unacceptable, in combination with cobalt, manganese, calcium.
8 ArdoS-08 Cu 1,0-3,0 3,5-7,0 For organo-and water-soluble materials as an additive that increases their resistance to damage by fungi and microorganisms.
9 ArdoS-09 Li 0,1-1,0 1,1-2,0 For paintwork materials in which the use of lead compounds is unacceptable. Accelerates drying, especially at low temperatures.


Trade Mark Dosage, % Used  TDS
1 ArdoS-03 m.A 0,15-1,25 Paints and varnishes based on alkyd, nitrocellulose and acrylic resins, as well as based on vinyl acetate dispersions.
2 ArdoS-03 m.B
3 ArdoS-08 m.A 0,05-1,05
4 ArdoS-08 m.B



Trade Mark Dosage, % Appointment Used  TDS
1 ArdoS-01M 0,55-0,90 Oxidation catalyst Oxidation of vegetable oils, such as rapeseed, flaxseed, sunflower and others.
2 PoliAr-1.5M
3 ArdoS-09M 0,035-0,045 Transesterification Catalyst Transesterification of oils for coatings.

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